About Bibiano

Hi! Name’s +Bibiano Wenceslao. I graduated in Mathematics (2008), primed to become more of an educator than anything else – but I never became one. Instead, I took up a somewhat odd array of jobs ranging from being a cold storage warehouseman to a provisional tech support.

I really didn’t know what I was looking for – like that specific something I would passionately be doing for the rest of my life. Then a good friend introduced me to web design. That was the turning point of my working career. I didn’t become nor ever pictured myself becoming a good designer nor a developer, but I knew I was outclassing myself day by day at something else.

Insert tear-jerking life story here that will likely make you hit the back button or close this window.

At present, I work as assistant to an awesome startup founder-slash-mentor, and still continue to study about Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Photoshop, WordPress & Spreadsheets. If you think about it, we’re actually everyday learners with whatever we do or go through. As the famous adage goes: one only stops learning when he is dead. Or when your ISP messes up.

This Site

I’m admittedly not a good writer. I can communicate well in the English vernacular but when it comes to the use of words, particularly technical ones (think web stuff), I had to rely on Google. A lot.

This blog is an ongoing effort – an attempt at becoming better as a writer because I just want to learn how to write well. This is my personal journal where I document a lot of what I’ve learned about my job, the skills I wish to acquire, ideas that fire up the neurons in my brain, and, sometimes, parts of my personal life.

If you’re not sure about where to look for what on my blog, please check out my site map or do a query using the search button provided on the sidebar. If you’re really, really not sure about what to do on my blog, you can start your adventure here.

Where I Hangout

When I’m not working, I’m usually reading stuff from the web, and at times exchanging words with others in the industry. You can find me at the following:

WordPress + Social + Local Search

Hey, Bibiano here! I'm not accepting projects or jobs as I am fully employed, but I'd like to help you. I'm no expert, but I'm writing based on experience - tried-and-tested successes and mistakes.

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